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Worship with Your Kids

 Start with the End Goal

We want to prepare our kids for life and help set them up for success. We can start now by teaching them about church services and our expectations for them in services. We can let them see what it’s like for us to worship. We lead our children by teaching and showing. They’ll do what they see. So, let’s teach them to:


  1. Listen 

In school, they listen to the teacher. So, in church services we want them to listen to the preacher. Teach them that God has placed people in our lives to teach us.  Explain this to them and the importance of why we need to listen. Parents, bring some paper, pencils and crayons with you for them. I’d encourage you to print this Kids Sermon Notes page and bring with you for each child. You could even consider buying your child one of the awesome notebooks recommended at the bottom of this page. 


  • Let them draw a picture of something they heard
  • Ask them to write 3 words they learned
  • Write the book name, chapter, and verses we read from


  1. Be Respectful

We want to teach our kids to respect others. One way in doing this is to teach them how we pay attention and respect the people around them so that others can listen and worship also. 


  • We can talk very quietly if we have a question
  • We want to sit up straight
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves


  1. Follow Along

We can teach our child to follow along during the worship service. That way that they know they can do what everyone else does as part of sharing in worship together. 


  • We can stand when other people stand 
  • We sit when everyone else sits 
  • Tell them what happens during a worship service (songs, prayer, preaching, songs) so they have an idea of what is going to happen and what to look forward to. 


Explaining to your children what will happen and what you expect from them sets them up well.



It’s also about expectations for you as a parent as well. If you have really young children, you know they wiggle. It happens, that’s how God created them. So, understand that will happen and give them grace when they do. We love having children in service and we want you to love having your children with you too! 

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