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Why Neighboring Matters

August 1, 2021 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: The Art of Neighboring

Passage: Matthew 22:34–22:40

The Big Idea
Loving those who live near you is basic Christianity. 
This Week's Action Steps:
  1. Make a commitment to learn, remember and use the names of those neighbors on your block map.
  2. Pray, "God, give me a desire to be in a relationship with my literal neighbor."
  1. ICE BREAKER: What went through your mind as you filled out your block map?
  2. The Art of Neighboring is the process of moving interactions from stranger to acquaintance to relationship. What would you say is the difference between being an acquaintance to someone and being in a relationship with them?

  3. God determines who our literal neighbors are (Acts 17:26), and He calls us to love them. In the past, have you found yourself pursuing or avoiding relationships with your literal neighbors? Why? 

  4. Share a story about how you have recently sought to intentionally interact with a neighbor of yours. 

  5. Who is one neighbor you are hoping to establish or strengthen a relationship with? Take time as a group to pray for these neighbors. 

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