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Spiritual Hoarding

May 23, 2021 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: The Gospel According to Mark

Passage: Mark 12:1–12:12

The Big Idea:
The heart of sin that receives but never gives will only be left in want.



  1. ICE BREAKER: What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?
  2. We all have received a gift from God that we never deserved. Share about one gift that you regularly forget about that allows pride to creep into your life.
  3. Despite our individual uniqueness, each of us have personal desires that drive our decisions. When have you found your personal desires overriding God's desires for you? At that time, was there a community of believers in your life? What role did you allow them to play?
  4. While Chrisitians will never face the wrath of God, we do deal with the consequences of our decisions. As a result of former, reckless living, is there a lingering consequence in your life today?
  5. In Mark 12:9, Jesus says God removed the initial tenants of the vineyard and is now giving it to others. From the Scriptures, who would you identify the "others" to be? (See 1 Peter 2 for help)


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