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Good and Pleasant

March 14, 2021 Speaker: Josh McClain

Passage: Psalm 133:1–133:3

In Christ, unity within the Church is not only desirable, but it is possible.



  1.  ICEBREAKER: Unity is both good and pleasant at the same time. Names some foods that are good for you but not pleasant to eat? How about pleasant to eat but not good for you?
  2. Share about a time when your personal preferences or opinions threatened to create distance between a brother or sister in Christ.
  3. There are varying issues that we face with opinions. As Christians, how are we to determine where to be flexible and yet stay unified? 
  4. God often uses trials in our lives to reveal weakness in our faith and practice. How has He used this current season to strengthen your faith and further develop unity in your church? In your group?
  5. In Ephesians 2:11-22, the apostle Paul reminds the Ephesian church about who they used to be and now what Jesus Christ has done to change that. Work through this passage by recording all the facts that Paul lists out regarding the church. What do these facts teach us about unity within the church?


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