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Resolve to be Charitable

February 28, 2021 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Liberty & Charity

Passage: Romans 14:14–14:19

Christ obtained freedom for His people, and that freedom must be used for the good of fellow believers. 



  1. ICE BREAKER: If you were king (or queen) for a day, what is the first rule/law you would change? 
  2. To bend over backwards for the conscience of fellow believers seems so radical. Share about a time where you should have done that but failed to. 
  3. God's standards of fellowship must be our standards of fellowship. What are some unnecessary standards you have experienced that you found to be harmful for Christian unity and peace? In an attempt to avoid that, what steps can your group take to keep "the main things the main things" among each other? 
  4. Followers of Jesus are to prioritize the spiritual health of others as they would their own. Have you ever benefited from someone doing this for you? How has that experience—or the absence of that experience—influenced your desire to pursue the spiritual good of others?
  5. Paul bases his charge for charity on his own persuasion (v. 14). Is he guilty of what he warned against in Romans 14:1? Why or why not?

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