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Jesus Really is Enough

October 18, 2020 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: The Gospel According to Mark

Passage: Mark 7:1–7:8

As hard as we try, the works of our hands will never get us closer to God. 


Reading Plan:

Monday: Mark 1-2 

Tuesday: Mark 3-4 

Wednesday: Mark 5-6

Thursday: Mark 7-8

Friday: Mark 9-10 

Saturday: Mark 11-13

Sunday: Mark 14-16



  1. ICE BREAKER: What role are you planning to play in OP:THX this year? 
  2. We all have a desire to feel clean. When did you come to the realization that you were unable to clean yourself? 
  3. As hard as we try, the works of our hands will never get us closer to God. In your flesh, what do you often try to do (or avoid) to feel closer to God? 
  4. The Pharisees expected the Jews to wash their hands to overcome defilement from touching unclean things and/or people. Are there subtle and not so subtle ways in which we communicate to others that they are ‘dirty’ and unfit for contact with us? How does it hinder our ability to evangelize them?
  5. The Pharisees' actions were supported by good intentions, but Jesus still rebuked them. Why do you think this was?
  6. Isaiah 66:1-2 makes it clear what God is after. Read this and put it in your own words.
  7. Have you had any gospel opportunities this week? If not, what are some steps you could take to move in that direction?


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