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The Way of the Wicked

September 27, 2020 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: The Gospel According to Mark

Passage: Mark 6:14–6:29

As Christians head to the mission field, we must be aware of the enemy's land mines.


Reading Plan:

Monday: Mark 1-2 

Tuesday: Mark 3-4 

Wednesday: Mark 5-6

Thursday: Mark 7-8

Friday: Mark 9-10 

Saturday: Mark 11-13

Sunday: Mark 14-16



  1. ICE BREAKER: What is the most far-fetched promise you have ever made? 
  2. One major promise that American Christianity often claims is the prosperity gospel. What is the prosperity gospel? Can you think of any scriptures that disprove this false teaching? 
  3. False teaching can severely damage one's view of God and the gospel. Have you had any experience with the prosperity gospel? What lessons or wounds did that experience leave you with?
  4. Satan is constantly at work plotting destructive schemes (1 Peter 5:8). Why do you think it is important for Christians today to understand this? 
  5. Deception is one of the enemy's primary weapons used against God's people. Read Hebrews 3:13 and discuss ways to help one another in our pursuit of holiness. 
  6. Faith in Christ will cause difficulty, regardless of era. Read Mark 8:34 and discuss real examples of how one could "deny himself and take up his cross..." 
  7. Many around us are walking the way of the wicked. Take time to update the group on any gospel opportunities the Lord has provided and pray for those individuals. 


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