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When Desperation Meets Divinity

September 6, 2020 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: The Gospel According to Mark

Passage: Mark 5:21–5:43

Jesus' followers are not defined by their earthly status but by their faith in Him.


Reading Plan:

Monday: Mark 1-2 

Tuesday: Mark 3-4 

Wednesday: Mark 5-6

Thursday: Mark 7-8

Friday: Mark 9-10 

Saturday: Mark 11-13

Sunday: Mark 14-16



  1. ICE BREAKER: What is your favorite sandwich?
  2. Jairus, according to his earthly status, would most likely be given precedence in today's society. Can you think of a time where you made a determination of someone by their external appearance? What did you learn from that experience? 
  3. In seasons or moments of desperation, we can choose to respond in faith or in fear. Share about a time when you found yourself doing one or the other. How did that influence the next time you were in a similar situation?
  4. How would you finish this sentence? "When desperation meets divinity, ______" 
  5. Mark identifies 3 components of faith in this passage: hearing of Jesus, coming to Jesus and leaning on Jesus. As your faith has grown, which of these components has proven to be the most enjoyable? Challenging? 
  6. The faith of the afflicted woman very likely emboldened Jairus to respond similarly to Jesus. What does this tell us about the necessity of the faith community? What are some practical ways you can encourage fellow group/church members to walk in faith? 
  7. If reports were never shared about Jesus, faith would never have been a possibility for these two. The same is true in the lives of unbelievers around us. Who are you seeking to share the gospel with? Share with the group and take time to pray for opportunity, courage and fruit. 


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