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What's Your Demon?

August 30, 2020 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: The Gospel According to Mark

Passage: Mark 5:1–5:20

Jesus can go to any place to save anyone.


Reading Plan:

Monday: Mark 1 - 2 

Tuesday: Mark 3 - 4 

Wednesday: Mark 5 - 6

Thusday: Mark 7 - 8

Friday: Mark 9 - 10 

Saturday: Mark 11 - 13

Sunday: Mark 14 - 16 




  1. ICE BREAKER: Do you watch scary movies?
  2. Meeting people where they are can be a scary task. Can you share about a time when you tried to help someone in need? What did you learn from that experience? 
  3. When we remember what Christ has saved us from, we can more clearly recognize the hurting people around us as actual human beings. Is there a particular vice or sin that God has saved you from? 
  4. The possessed man of Mark 5 was a societal outcast. The village people treated him like an animal and had no regard for him. Can you think of any in our immediate context (Martinsburg) that could be categorized this way? 
  5. Jesus met the man where he was. How should this influence the way we respond to the person that says something like, "I need to get my act together before I come to church." 
  6. Christians today are to meet despair head on, and the Titus Initiative is an immediate opportunity to be equipped for that task. Have you considered being a part of this ministry? If so, consider attending the next Titus Initiative Training 9/6 @ 11:00 in Room 117.
  7. Despite his plea to go with Jesus, the freed man was sent back to where he had come from—the Decapolis. Who do you need to go back to with the gospel? Share a name and pray as a group for our collective evangelism efforts.


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