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August 16, 2020 Speaker: Terry Major Series: Teach Us to Pray

Passage: Luke 11:1–11:4

Nobody likes the hard seasons and rough paths of life. Nobody intentionally invites heartache and misery into their life. Yet life has tough seasons and many heartaches. Is it wrong to pray that we don’t experience these? Jesus seems to invite us to pray that way! As we pray this Scripture we need to learn that asking is not demanding and not getting a favorable answer is not failure to pray correctly.


Reading Plan: 

Monday: Luke 11:1 - 13 

Tuesday: Matthew 6:5 - 15

Wednesday: John 11:38 - 44

Thursday: Luke 22:40 - 46

Friday: John 17:1 - 26

Saturday: John 12:27 - 32

Sunday: Matthew 11:25 - 30



ICEBREAKER: What is the most difficult food item you struggle to stay away from when you want to diet?

  1. According to James 1:13-16 where do our struggles with temptations come from?
  2. Of the three sources of temptation/testing in your life – the world, the flesh, the devil – which one do you struggle with the most?
  3. 1 Cor. 10:13 teaches us two things about trials, temptations and trouble; what are they?
  4. Matthew 26:41 teaches us an important truth about praying in times of testing; what is that truth?
  5. What is God’s ultimate goal for the life of the believer according to James 1:2-4?
  6. What is one thing you have learned in this series on prayer from Jesus’ model that has changed (or will change) how you pray?
  7. Missionaries, pastors and spiritual leaders face greater testing and temptations due to their roles in spiritual warfare and work; be sure to pray for their spiritual vitality and victory. 


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