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A Well-Oiled Machine

August 9, 2020 Speaker: Jamie Leatherman Series: Teach Us to Pray

Passage: Matthew 18:21–18:25

We must forgive others, because unforgiveness is too costly.



  1. ICEBREAKER: What is your dream car?

  2. Is it hard for you to forgive someone multiple times for the same offense?

  3. Pastor Jamie talked about 3 rules of biblical forgiveness. Walk through each of the rules and discuss why it is so essential for us to follow them.

  4. Engage with this: God does something better than forgetting, he chooses not to remember.  How do we do that?

  5. Do you find it harder to see your own sin more than someone else’s? If so, why?

  6. Have you found yourself praying and asking the Lord to help you forgive others?


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