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Pray With Intimacy

July 26, 2020 Speaker: Terry Major Series: Teach Us to Pray

Passage: Luke 11:1–11:4

Learning to pray is simple, yet very profound. Jesus, the Master Teacher, was asked to teach his followers to pray. His model is so simple, yet so multifaceted and complex. The starting place of prayer is divine relationship – “you must be born again.” Prayer without the “Father” relationship is useless.


Reading Plan:

Monday: Luke 11:1-13 

Tuesday: Matthew 6:5-15 

Wednesday: John 11:38-44

Thursday: Luke 22:40-46

Friday: John 17:1-26

Saturday: John 12:27-32

Sunday: Matthew 11:25-30



  1. ICEBREAKER: Who was one of your favorite teachers in school or life; why?

  2. Pastor Terry gave various Scriptures about the prayer life of Jesus through the gospels; is there one Scripture that impacted you personally about prayer?

  3. What is prayer? How would you define it to another person?Jesus tells us to address God in our prayers as “Father;” what does this tell us about God?

  4. If God wants intimacy with us; what do we have to do to achieve that intimacy?

  5. Prayer is “a relationship of resource;” pray God will meet the resource needs of those who suffer lack, esp. our missionaries seeking to serve internationally. 


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