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The Lord's Way

April 26, 2020 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: The Gospel According to Mark

Passage: Mark 1:1–1:8

Sinners can discover good news through the way of the Lord.


Reading Plan:

Monday: Mark 1-2 

Tuesday: Mark 3-4 

Wednesday: Mark 5-6

Thursday: Mark 7-8

Friday: Mark 9-10 

Saturday: Mark 11-13

Sunday: Mark 14-16 



  1. ICE BREAKER: Have you looked at the COVID-19 recommended resources tab yet? 
  2. "The early church found refuge in the midst of cadavers and corpses" How does this impact you? 
  3. What is significant about the name "Jesus Christ"? 
  4. What role should the Old Testament play in the mind and life of the modern Christian? 
  5. When you think of repentance, what comes to mind? 
  6. What link is there between repentance and baptism? (Mark 1:4; Acts 2:37-38) 
  7. Why was John the Baptizer so humbled by Jesus? What can we learn from this posture?
  8. Our missionaries in South Asia continue to stay put through a severe lockdown. Pray as a group that the Lord would nourish and sustain them.


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