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From Conformity to Distinction

February 16, 2020 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Heard and Stirred

Passage: Nehemiah 9:38–10:39

God calls His people to hold one another accountable in their pursuit of a distinctly God-honoring life, so as not to conform to the wicked ways of surrounding cultures.

Reading Plan:

Monday: Nehemiah 1 & 2

Tuesday: Nehemiah 3 & 4

Wednesday: Nehemiah 5 & 6 

Thursday: Nehemiah 7 & 8

Friday: Nehemiah 9 & 10

Saturday: Nehemiah 11 & 12

Sunday: Nehemiah 13


  1. ICE BREAKER: What is the most physically-challenging thing you have ever had to do? 
  2. How is your understanding of the Jews’ commitment to look ahead influenced by them signing a covenant?"
  3. How would you define the American Dream? Do you think it is possible to pursue the American Dream while living obediently to God and His word? 
  4. How might Christians today help one another flee from sin without trying to assume the role of the Holy Spirit? 
  5. Generally speaking, Christians avoid talking about money. How might this conversational barrier prevent us from helping each other trust God's ways? 
  6. Discuss: "Always a portion; sometimes a sacrifice". 
  7. Two weeks ago, we discussed and prayed for the one person in each of our lives that we long for God to save. Have any updates? As a group, will you take time again to pray for your one? 

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