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People of the Book

January 26, 2020 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Heard and Stirred

Passage: Nehemiah 8:1–8:12

God's Word forms God's People.


Reading Plan:  

Monday: Nehemiah 1 & 2

Tuesday: Nehemiah 3 & 4

Wednesday: Nehemiah 5 & 6 

Thursday: Nehemiah 7 & 8

Friday: Nehemiah 9 & 10

Saturday: Nehemiah 11 & 12

Sunday: Nehemiah 13




1. ICE BREAKER: Who are you watching the Super Bowl with?

2. What are some possible reasons behind God rebuilding the city (Neh. 1-6) before rebuilding the people (Neh. 7-13)?

3. "Christians must be governed by the Bible." How would you put this in your own words? Would you have to make any changes for this statement to define your life?

4. What do you think it means to approach the book attentively? 

5. What is your general disposition toward having children in Sunday services? Does this align with the practice described in Nehemiah 8:3? 

6. Why is it so challenging to approach the book slowly? How can we help one another in this? 

7. What is the opposite of approaching the book fearfully? 

8. Our missionaries are in hard places, surrounded by people who worship just about everything but God. Pray that our families abroad would be people of the book, and their faithfulness would not waver.

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