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Contemplation and Confirmation

January 19, 2020 Speaker: Terry Major Series: Heard and Stirred

Passage: Nehemiah 7:5–7:73

As Nehemiah contemplates the nation and the people God puts on his heart to conduct a census of who is part of the nation at this time.  He finds the record of the census from Ezra’s journey to Jerusalem and uses it.  His heart is stirred with the future security of the nation and he hears from God about a strategy to address that concern.  To us it seems just a list of names, but each of these are God’s people, special to him and significant to the future growth of the nation.


Reading Plan: 

Monday: Nehemiah 1

Tuesday: Nehemiah 2

Wednesday: Nehemiah 3

Thursday: Nehemiah 4

Friday: Nehemiah 5

Saturday: Nehemiah 6:1-14 

Sunday: Nehemiah 6:15 - 7:4



  1. ICE BREAKER: How far back can you trace your family tree?  What unusual facts did you discover (if any)? 

  2. As Nehemiah contemplates the future of the nation what does God “lay on his heart”? What does that mean?

  3. How do we discern whether an impression is from God or not?  Which of the discernment tools that Pastor Terry mentioned are most important in knowing God’s direction/will?

  4. The genealogy of this chapter and the one of Ezra 2 are not identical – why?  Is this a big problem for believing in the accuracy and reliability of the Bible?  Why or why not?

  5. Revelation 21:27 says only those whose names are in “the Lamb’s book of life” will be present in the New Jerusalem.  How does one know if their name is in the book?

  6. Our missionaries need to take time to hear the voice of God; pray that their devotional lives will not be crowded out with the daily issues of life.  Pray the same for the church elders and for your fellow members.

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