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Deal With It

November 24, 2019 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Heard and Stirred

Passage: Nehemiah 5:1–13

Not only were the Jews fighting off an outside attack from the enemy, they were dealing with an even uglier enemy from within: sin. With the opening of chapter 5, Nehemiah is facing a new challenge and is left to himself to figure it out. Of course, the good hand of God would remain upon him, which ultimately led to brokenness being restored, as God's glory was again on full display through the preservation of his people.


Reading Plan:

Monday: Nehemiah 1 & 2

Tuesday: Nehemiah 3 & 4

Wednesday: Nehemiah 5 & 6 

Thursday: Nehemiah 7 & 8

Friday: Nehemiah 9 & 10

Saturday: Nehemiah 11 & 12

Sunday: Nehemiah 13



  1. ICEBREAKER: Take your pick, Judge Joe Brown or Judge Judy?
  2. How can you expose wrongdoing without gossiping?
  3. Once the wrongdoing has been exposed, what could "weighing the accusation" look like? 
  4. The aim of our charge is love, so how can we "deal with sin head-on" in a loving way? 
  5. When we are the wrongdoer, how might true repentance be displayed?
  6. When we are the ones wronged, how should we receive such repentance?
  7. All of our 3 missionary families have plunged into work alongside new, fellow Christian workers. The nature of the work in addition to the varying personalities can be quite challenging. Pray that they work well as a team, and that they would properly deal with sin among one another. 

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