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God Keeps Record

November 3, 2019 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Heard and Stirred

Passage: Nehemiah 3:1–3:32

Chapter 3 is an entire list of seemingly unimportant names. Why would God make space for such a list when there's so much for us to know and learn? God keeps records, that's why. A sparrow won't fall and a brick won't be laid without the God of Heaven taking note. Throughout the list, we notice various vocations, ages and groups being utilized for the purposes of God and His people. The same is true today. The people of God—the church—have been called out and assembled to leverage all they've got for the glory of God and the good of His people. 

Reading Plan:

Monday: Nehemiah 1 & 2
Tuesday: Nehemiah 3 & 4
Wednesday: Nehemiah 5 & 6 
Thursday: Nehemiah 7 & 8
Friday: Nehemiah 9 & 10
Saturday: Nehemiah 11 & 12
Sunday: Nehemiah 13



  1. ICE BREAKER: Are you a list maker? 
  2. After some time in Nehemiah 3, how might you answer the question, "So what?"
  3. Even above obtaining clean water, Nehemiah prioritized the restoration of the Sheep Gate. Why do you think he did that? What is the modern Christian's Sheep Gate? 
  4. Why do you think God would decide to take his kids to work with him? 
  5. What's significant about a perfumer and goldsmith working together on the wall? (3:8) 
  6. What ministry—in the church or in life—often feels like "picking up rocks"? How can we help each other with these seasons of discontentment? 
  7. Our 3 missionary families often feel waves of emotions during their daily lives. Will you take time to pray for them as a group? Pray that their hearts would rejoice in one thing: that their names are written in Heaven! 

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