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Journey to Judgment: Hell

August 25, 2019 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Journey to Joy

Passage: Luke 16:19–16:31

There is a way that seems right to a pilgrim, but its end is death. That's the final stop described by Luke and many other biblical authors, including the divine author, Jesus Himself. Hell is the literal place of conscious, eternal torment where sinners apart from the saving grace of God will know misery forevermore. The reality of Hell should drive the believer to faithfulness in witness, seeking to rescue many from the coming day of wrath. 


Reading Plan:

Monday: Romans 1:18-25
Tuesday: Luke 16:19-31 
Wednesday: Matthew 7:13-14 
Thursday: Luke 13:28
Friday: Mark 9:48
Saturday: Matthew 25:41
Sunday: Matthew 18:9 



1. ICE BREAKER: Ever experience a time when you were dramatically rescued from impending danger? 
2. How does the bad news of sin's effects influence our perspective on the good news of the gospel? 
3. How do you see Romans 1:25 demonstrated in today's culture? 
4. How does the reality of Hell influence your day-to-day life? 
5. As Christians, why is it important to reject heresies such as annihilationism and purgatory? 
6. What role should Hell play in our evangelistic efforts? Discuss the "turn or burn" method. 
7. How might it be good to genuinely befriend unbelievers? How might it be difficult? 
8. Our 3 missionary families are laboring mostly among peoples destined for Hell. Take time as a group and pray that they would keep the task before them!

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