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The Hope of Repentance

July 14, 2019 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Journey to Joy

Passage: Psalm 130:1–130:8

During their travels to Jerusalem for the feasts, the ancient pilgrims saturated the air with a melodious reminder of all the blessings they had in their Redeemer. Faced with the depths of their own depravity, their song reflects God's great mercy as He saved them from the depths of His holy wrath. They reveal themselves as a people of watching and waiting, as they, by faith, looked ahead to the promised Messiah to come. Saints today sing a similar song: guilty before God, but not condemned. Christ Jesus took our punishment that we may know the mercy of God. We, too, watch and wait, but not for the Messiah's first arrival. We watch and wait, with strained eyes of faith, for his second coming when He will bring his children to a place He now prepares for us: Heaven.


Reading Plan:


Monday: Psalm 125

Tuesday: Psalm 126

Wednesday: Psalm 127

Thursday: Psalm 128

Friday: Psalm 129

Saturday: Psalm 130

Sunday: Psalm 131




  1. ICE BREAKER: During your school years, were you the generation that enjoyed the paddle or something more like the card system?
  2. Why is it important to properly train your conscience? How is that done? 
  3. What kind of connection do you think should exist between remorse and repentance? 
  4. What are some indicators that may reveal whether or not your grief is godly or worldly? 
  5. Why is the doctrine of Hell so important? 
  6. How can a Christian "watch and wait" in a God-honoring way? 
  7. Jesus is currently preparing a place for his people (Jn 14). How do you think the reality of Heaven should influence day-to-day life for the believer? 
  8. Matthew 24:14 says that all nations will hear the gospel before the end comes. Our 3 missionary families are laboring to that end. Take time as a group to pray for them. Pray that as they watch and wait, they would do so with their hand to the plow and their eyes on Heaven. 

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