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The God-Fearer

June 30, 2019 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Journey to Joy

Passage: Psalm 128:1–128:6

Each blessed step of the Journey to Joy is one rooted in the Fear of the LORD. This reverential-awe of God leads pilgrims to fear sin and long for holiness, thus propelling them on a path of his ways. This fear saturates the Christian soul and influences every aspect of life: work, family and even their future. While the fear of man is a snare, the fear of the LORD gives life, and life abundantly! It would be from Zion, the home of God’s earthly dwelling, where these blessings flowed to the ancient pilgrims. Christ, through his finished work on the cross, split the curtain of the temple, thus giving sinners access to God through his own blood. Saints of today know the freely flowing blessings of God; not from Zion, but from the Holy Spirit, who dwells within them.


Reading Plan:

Monday: Psalm 126

Tuesday: Psalm 127

Wednesday: Psalm 128

Thursday: Psalm 129

Friday: Psalm 130

Saturday: Psalm 131

Sunday: Psalm 132



1. ICE BREAKER: Backyard Bible Club is rapidly approaching (Aug 5-9). What aspect of this mission effort compels you to sacrifice your time and energy to be a part of it? 

2. Why is it so damaging when we become the "center and circumference" of our own lives? 

3. In the life of a Christian, what relationship does happiness and holiness have with one another?

4. How is the "fear of the Lord" different than a fear of spiders, or any other thing that terrifies you?

5. Can you explain why there's such a significant connection between the fear of God and obedience to God? (128:1) 

6. The progression of Psalm 128's blessing goes from the individual, to the family, to the community of God. How could this flesh out in the life of Christians today? 

7. Our three missionary families know this blessing in part, as they are lacking the very Christian community we cherish. Take time as a group to ask the Lord to provide nourishing, biblical community for these dear families. 

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