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You Are Sent

June 2, 2019 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Celebrating 10 Years of Ministry

Passage: Matthew 18:16–18:20

Jesus' earthly ministry concludes in the same region it began: Galilee. Being born of a virgin, the God-man walked a life of sinless obedience to the Father, and upon resurrecting from the dead, was preparing to return to the heavenly throne room. Before departing, he left his disciples with hope and purpose. In this final and great commission, the power and presence of God is highlighted as the church is sent to help all peoples, from neighbors to the nations, find and follow Jesus.


Reading Plan:

Sunday: Mt. 27:57-28:20  

Monday: Mt. 4:12-17, Mt. 28:1-10 

Tuesday: Mt. 28:17, Rev. 22:8,9

Wednesday: Mt. 7:28.29, Mt. 28:18, Eph. 1:20-23

Thursday: Mt. 14:22-33, Mt. 28:17

Friday: Mt. 28:19, Mt. 12:46-50 

Saturday: Mt. 27:57-28:20


  1. ICEBREAKER: Community Groups are a proven way for us to "make disciples". What piqued your interest in joining one? 
  2. What is mission creep? How can your faithfulness to the mission of God help the church avoid this snare? 
  3. Jesus starts and finishes His earthly ministry in the same region of Galilee (Mt 4:17 & Mt 28:16), and He did so with the same message. What do you think this tells us about God, His mission and what He expects of His people? 
  4. Jesus commissions disciples that are marked by faith as well as doubt (Mt 28:17-20). What do you think this means for Christians today? 
  5. Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth. Take a few minutes and discuss what this actually means. 
  6. The mission is bookended by the authority and presence of Jesus. Through our day-to-day efforts of making disciples, how should this reality influence us? 
  7. Our 3 missionary families are laboring to make disciples in particularly challenging contexts. Take time as a group to pray for them. Ask the Lord to remind them of His authority and His presence. 

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