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Mercy Assured

April 14, 2019 Speaker: AJ Roberts Series: Journey to Joy

Passage: Psalm 123:1–123:4


The human experience is fraught with unexpected high's and low's. Saints of all time and space know the ever-changing scene found on this God-ordained Journey to Joy. At times, as we resolve to pursue holiness in a progressive culture, we are faced with scorn and contempt that hits us like a truck, leaving us paralyzed and inaudible. The Psalmist, too, knows the pain of such an impact and demonstrates the Biblical response to such affliction. Mercy is the object of this terror-stricken plea. God hears this plea and doesn't just provide mercy, but sends the Merciful One, Jesus. 


Reading Plan: 

Monday: Psalm 126

Tuesday: Psalm 127

Wednesday: Psalm 128

Thursday: Psalm 129

Friday: Psalm 130

Saturday: Psalm 131

Sunday: Psalm 132




  1. ICEBREAKER: Good Friday and Easter Sunday services are next weekend! Who are you inviting? 
  2. As a group, define "mercy" and "justice." Why would the psalmist plead for mercy instead of justice? For what should we plead for? Why? 
  3. As a group, define "scorn" and "contempt". When directed toward us because of our faith, why do they tend to be so painful?
  4. This scorn has left the pilgrims' souls saturated with grief. The Hebrew word for "soul" literally means the "seat of emotion and passion." Why do you suppose they saw their "souls" as the object of the scorn? Why not the mind or heart? 
  5. Obedient Christians will face scorn at some point. How could an improper response (water down the truth, make Christianity cool, become the scorner) taint our witness and diminish the gospel? 
  6. The watchful servants were diligent in keeping their eyes upon the master. We, too, are wholly and fully dependent upon our Master, as He does our bidding for us. When facing legitimate scorn, is this is a comforting or troubling reality? 
  7. Our 3 missionary families are settling into their respective countries, so they don't yet have a reputation among the local people, but they soon will. In the near future, scorn and contempt is a very real threat to them. Pray for strength and peace. Read Psalm 50:15 together and pray this over our "sent ones."

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