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A New Life Resolution

December 30, 2018 Speaker: Josh McClain Series: Miscellaneous

Passage: Romans 6:1–6:14

Community Group Questions: 

1. What part of the text or sermon had the greatest impact on you? Where were you most encouraged, intrigued, challenged?

2. Have you ever felt the need to call your sin by another name like problem, bad habit or poor decision? Why is that such a temptation? Why is the proper name so important?

3. Is there anyone in your life that really knows you? Is it difficult for you to share about your sin with your brothers or sisters in the faith? 

4. Colossians 3:5 calls the sinful, earthly desires in us idolatry. Consider your own sin. Is it also idolatry? Why does God call sin idolatry? 

5. Many of us know the right answers but we still do the wrong things. What encouragement does Paul give us in Romans 6:11-13? How can these be practically applied? 

6. In Romans 7:13-20 we see Paul's predicament. He has two desires waging war within himself. Can you relate? What are you to do about it? Is there any hope for one like this? 


Reading Plan: 

Monday: John 17:17

Tuesday: 1 Corinthians 6:11

Wednesday: 2 Peter 1:2-4

Thursday: Hebrew 13:12

Friday: 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Saturday: Revelation 7:14

Sunday: Galatians 2:20

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