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The King Who Will Reign

December 2, 2018 Speaker: Josh Tingler Series: Peace on Earth: The World's Messiah

Passage: Psalm 72:1–72:20

God's plan from the beginning was to send His Son as the Messiah who would bring peace, righteousness, and salvation to all who will believe around the world. This prayer about Solomon asked, "was a strong reminder of his high calling, yet it exalted this so far beyond the humanly attainable (e.g. in speaking of his reign as endless) as to suggest for its fulfillment no less a person than the Messiah" (Derek Kidner). In short, this Psalm describes the righteousness, endlessness, boundlessness, mercifulness, and blessedness of the reign of "great David's greater Son."


Discussion Questions:

1. What were some of the blessings of Solomon's reign? What were some of the sins and sufferings? (1 Kings 1-11)

2. Compare 1 Kings 12:4 and Matthew 11:28-30. Name ways in which Jesus is a better king than Solomon. (See also Matthew 12:42.)

3. The psalm starts by asking God for a reign of righteousness. What does this mean and why is it important enough to be mentioned first?

4. We live amid ordinary people, under governors, presidents, legislatures, and managers. In what ways should the fact that Jesus is king change our daily lives?

5. What examples from Jesus' life are brought to mind by the various descriptions of this psalm?


Reading Schedule:

Monday - Psalm 89

Tuesday - Psalms 90 and 93

Wednesday - Isaiah 6

Thursday - Isaiah 7:1-17

Friday - Isaiah 7:18-8:10

Saturday - Isaiah 8:11-9:1

Sunday - Isaiah 9:1-7

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