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Servant | δοῦλος

March 25, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Jacob Series: These Things: The Gospel According John

Passage: John 13:1–:20

How do you define servant? Is it positive or negative? John’s Gospel records many of the words and actions of Jesus. Over and over we see Jesus take the posture of a servant. How can this be? The God of all creation bowed down to serve that which he’s created. This is kingdom appears to be upside down. Placing the last first and the first last. Celebrating the week and resisting the strong. How does the master become lower than the slave? It’s all wrapped up in one word – servant. Jesus demonstrates his greatness by showing us humility. Jesus illustrates strength by celebrate weakness. Jesus’ posture of servanthood doesn’t just set the example, it clears the way for life and salvation.

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