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Lead Pastor Search

Why are we searching for a new lead pastor?

A culture of sending has been nurtured and developed in the Church at Martinsburg, and as a result, the founding pastor and his family have been sent to the nations. This sending has created an opportunity for new leadership and continued focus on God’s glory being declared among all people.


This page exists to provide information related to the search process to keep our church informed and provide a way for potential candidates to learn who we are and how they might join this search.


Prayer for the Process

We embrace that we are wholeheartedly dependent upon the Lord through this process. Our desire is to happily and regularly lay every step of our search at the Lord's feet in prayer, and we need you to join us. Click here to learn more about how you can do that.



We are committed to pursuing the Lord first as we are searching for a new pastor. Our goal is to pursue Him and we are confident that by following Him, He will lead us to who He has prepared to lead His church here at 50 Monroe. 



Travel through this journey with us as we move through the following steps of the search process. Learn more about the search process and our current steps in the journey.