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Parents and Kids

Many things have changed for all of us in the last few months, but one thing remains the same

It’s All About Jesus.


As things begin to get back to a new normal in the days ahead, we will see that there are also many things that have changed a little. People wearing masks, restaurant seating, social distancing, and church services are all going to look a little different than before. One of those changes for our church is that children will remain with their parents during the church services. That may seem difficult, but it’s a real gift. We love you and we love your children!

Despite not having our g4 children’s classes, we want to help you remain faithful in God’s call to disciple your children. So, we’ve provided you with some resources as you lead and guide your child to see who Jesus is and look at all things with a biblical worldview.


  • Returning to worship – a short guide to prepare your child to worship with you in services.
  • Kids curriculum – We can’t come to your home to teach, but here’s the resources that we would teach them for each Sunday. They will be updated weekly.
  • Tips for Family worship – Ever wondered how to worship with your child at home? Look no further! This is a short guide to help you get started.


Let me know if you have trouble accessing the resources, or have any questions in the days ahead. Know that we are praying for you and are looking forward to seeing you and your child in services soon!


Pastor Jamie