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Bearing Burdens




We as a church have a great opportunity to serve First Responders and those in need in our area. The long hours, time away from family, as well as restricted work environments can leave folks overwhelmed and weary.  Here are 5 ways you can be a part of serving our community in practical ways.



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  • Cards - Write a “Thank You” or “We Love You” card and mail or deliver it.



  • Pray, Give, Sew - Here is a DIY mask you can make to help supply our Front-Line Workers. 


Love Neighbor

  • Reach a Neighbor – Let your neighbors know you are praying for them and here to help.


Prayer Walk

  • Chalk Art - Write some words of encouragement, scripture passages, or things we are thankful for folks to see as they pass our homes. 


 Prayer W


  • Prayer Walk - While practicing social distancing, we can still walk our neighborhood and pray for folks who live around us.