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50 Monroe, Martinsburg, WV 25404


Our Community Groups

What is a community group?

Groups do life together.  

Groups meet regularly, so the people who attend grow closer to one another and to God.  Group leaders facilitate growth through conversations centered around Church-approved biblical resources, like the sermon, a book, or video series from Rightnow Media.  


Why do we have community groups?

Connect • Care • Study • Serve  

Community groups exist to connect Christians with other Christians, groups to the community through service projects, people to God through scripture and prayer, and group members to the Church at Martinsburg.  Groups care for members in times of need and difficulty, the church through prayer and support, and the community by praying for and serving it. Community groups study the Bible, through sermon-based conversations, and using church-approved books and resources.  Finally, groups serve neighbors through service projects, the church through ministry efforts, and others out of love. 


How do I get involved?

You're in the right place!

You can see all of our groups below, and they are arranged by day of the week, starting on Sunday.  If you know which group you are interested in joining, you can email the group leader directly by clicking on their name.  If you know you want to get plugged in but aren't sure which group to join, that's okay! Click here and our ministry leader will help you find a group that works for you.  



Rocky Marsh

Sun @ 5:00

Bennett Norton

Martinsburg, WV




Embassy Court

Sun @ 6:00

Dennis Williams

South Martinsburg, WV





Sun @ 6:00

Pat Flowers

Hagerstown, MD




Tue @ 6:30

Will Burner

Martinsburg, WV



Hallmark Drive

Tue @ 6:30

Tim Procita

Martinsburg, WV



Red Hill

Tue @ 6:30

Ben Earle

Martinsburg, WV







Wildflower Ridge

Tue @ 6:30

Jamie Leatherman

East Martinsburg, WV




Virginia Avenue

Wed @ 6:30

Robin Soukup

City of Martinsburg, WV




Delmar Orchard

Wed @ 7:00

Chris Loizos

Martinsburg, WV

No Childcare Avail.




Gussie Ave

Thur @ 6:00

Rob Roberts

Martinsburg, WV




Obadiah Drive

Thur @ 6:30

Drew Broadhurst

South Martinsburg, WV



Knock Lane

Fri @ 6:30

Joe Brand

Clearbrook, VA





Fri @ 6:30

Victor Orlando

Falling Waters, WV



We are always adding new groups and working to find the best fit for you. If you have any questions, email us at