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Discipleship Groups (D-Groups)




Every aspect of the Christian life should be in submission to the Lordship of Christ (Romans 12:1). As Christians grow and develop, they become more mindful and equipped to carry out God’s mission, from neighbors to nations. That is the goal of D-Groups.


  • A D-Group is a gender-specific group of 4-5 believers (including the leader) who meet weekly for the purpose of discipleship, biblical literacy, accountability, and prayer.
  • The members of the D-Group will commit to regular Bible reading and weekly scripture memorization.
  • Time will be spent meeting once per week for 45 minutes, and the D-Group will share what is being learned in the reading of scripture, praying for the participants, our church, community, personal evangelism opportunities, and the nations.
  • The participants will commit to holding one another accountable in their Bible reading and study, striving for personal holiness, and evangelism opportunities.
  • The D-Group will meet for 12 months, with no more than five missed Sundays in 52 weeks. At month six or sooner, each individual will begin praying for wisdom regarding who they will pursue in attempts to replicate their current D-Group.


If you would like to become a D-Group participant or have been involved in a D-Group and would like to begin leading your own, sign up here.