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Christian Living Classes

Living as a Christian these days can be quite challenging. From marriage and parenting to work and mission, faithful life unto Christ is tough stuff! These classes are intended to sharpen your understanding of Christian living, increase your hope in God to lead you, and provide the application to walk according to the Word. 



Building a Christian ConscienceConscious AR

Dates: 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17

Time: 9 - 10 AM

Teacher: Pastor Patrick Flowers


Is your conscience held captive by the Word of God, or is it subject to the whims of the culture? The world seeks to suppress your conscience and conform it into the image of the lawless one. The Christian must seek the good, strive for integrity, and reflect the holiness of our Creator and Redeemer. In this series, we'll lay the foundation for that lifelong process.



Meaning of Marriage ARThe Meaning of Marriage

Dates: 6/5, 6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/10, 7/17

Time: 9 - 10 AM

Teacher: TBD

Modern culture would have you believe that everyone has a soul mate; that romance is the most important part of a successful marriage; that marriage does not mean 'til death do us part, but merely for as long as my needs are being met; and that when serious differences arise, divorce is the best solution. Join us for this series to see a profound portrait of marriage from the pages of Scripture that neither idealizes nor rejects the institution but points us back to the relationship between God and man.



Women Helping WomenWomen Helping AR

Dates: 8/28, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9

Time: 9 - 10 AM

Teacher: Ginger Marsh

You could argue that as a Christian woman, there are only two ways of living: you either live for yourself, or you live as an ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of your sinful nature, your heart will be inclined to love yourself, serve yourself, and live for yourself. But God has called you to something radically different – to love Him, serve Him, and live for Him. You have been called to be an ambassador for the King of Kings. Living as an ambassador for Christ is a high and difficult calling. But before you can properly represent your King, you need to know who He is. This study will focus on the character of God and His plan of redemption. It will also focus on you, a sinner living among other sinners in a fallen world. This teaching will help you to evaluate the sinful tendencies of your heart and why it is a struggle to live everyday as an ambassador.




Be a Godly Man AR2
Be a Godly Man

Dates: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9

Time: 9 - 10 AM

Teacher: TBD

God has created men to have incredible strength. But today’s culture has hijacked masculinity, distorting strength into passivity and abuse. In this series, guys of all ages are invited to embrace God’s definition of masculinity and to step into His calling upon their lives to wield their strength on behalf of others. God has designed men to be protectors, providers, and defenders. When men act like men, everyone flourishes.



Family Worship Workshop FamWorsh Wkshp

Dates: 4/17, 7/17, 10/16

Time: 9 - 10:30 AM

Teacher: Pastor AJ Roberts

Our culture continues to move toward extreme secularism. How ought we as parents/guardians push back against this, as we teach the next generation the things of God? Parents/guardians with children of all ages are invited to join us for this one-day workshop where you will leave with a biblical philosophy, practical helps, and tangible resources to begin family worship immediately!



Evangelism Wkshp AR3Evangelism Workshop 

Dates: 5/1, 8/7, 11/6

Time: 9 - 10:30 AM

Teacher: Ben Earle

Our church's greatest evangelism potential is not found in an event or a method; it is found in you—the individual believer with a heart for God and neighbor. Join us for this one-day workshop and leave with a biblical understanding of evangelism and the tools needed to share your faith immediately!