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Secure - Certainties from I John

This coming Sunday, 4/6, we're kicking off a new preaching series. Whether you're certain of your faith or you have questions, I want to invite you to come along with me as we experience Secure - Certainties from I John....

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Books, Biographies, and Feeding My Heart

Recently I was challenged to read biographies for the purpose of nourishing my heart and life. If you know me you know I love to read. I read by myself, I read with others, and one of the greatest joys in the past few years is reading with my children. Just a couple weeks ago the kids and I started a journey throughLittle Pilgrim's Progress

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From Pride to Humility

From Pride to Humility is a quick read...only 31 pages. Don't let its brevity fool you. This biblical exposition of pride and humility packs quite a punch. My initial intent was to read through with the care of others in mind. Shortly after starting to read I realized my mindset demonstrated my own pride. I was certainly in for an afternoon of instruction and repentance. ...

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8 Ways to Get Ready for Easter 2014

Jesus is alive, and in a few days we'll celebrate the resurrection! Here are eight things you can do between now and then to get ready Easter Weekend:...

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Why 50 Monroe?

One of the questions I've fielded over the last couple of weeks is "Why 50 Monroe"? If you've seen the new space the Church at Martinsburg recently moved into you've noticed on the front of the facility we didn't opt for a sign with the church name, rather we used "50 Monroe"....

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Bonhoeffer on Good Friday

In his Good Friday sermon of 1928, Dietrich Bonhoeffer drives this cosmic tragedy home like three cold steel stakes pounded through the nerves of humanity's own wrists and feet....

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Easter Sermon from 167 AD

From the final section of Peri Pascha (On the Passover), one of the earliest Easter sermons extant, written around 167 AD. This translation from the Latin appeared at

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From Here to There - Pride and Humility

On Sunday I delivered a message from Philippians 2:1-11 that focused on humility. During the sermon I mentioned several resources used in the preparation of the message....

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"Resolved" - A Note For Father's Day

The culture we've found ourselves in seems to be changing so quickly. As conversations about marriage, gender, race, politics, religion, finance, and any number of other important issues arise and take place we must ask the question, "How do we live lives that are consistent, honorable, and filled with integrity in a world which seems so fluid and so untethered to any abso...

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Ever Changing...Always the Same

This year I cross the 20 year threshold of being a Christian. I can still remember when I first picked up the Bible and began reading. It was quite an intimidating period in my life....

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